Saturday, September 24, 2011

vlt prints password

so, you want to use vlt

read -p "password: " -s p
vlt -q rcp -q -b 1000 -t 1 - u "http://user:$p@foo/crx/-/jcr:root/content" "http://user:$p@bar/crx/-/jcr:root/content"

and it prints stuff like
Connecting via JCR remoting to http://user:r34lp455w0rd!!@localhost:4502/crx/server

I could not find a way to disable that. so,
vlt -q rcp -q -b 1000 -t 1 - u "http://user:$p@foo/crx/-/jcr:root/content" "http://user:$p@bar/crx/-/jcr:root/content" |grep -v "http://" >> your.log

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