Wednesday, April 27, 2011

in place upgrade to CQ 5.4 GA

  1. turn off replication agents
  2. back up (snapshot or online backup.. in case something goes wrong)
  3. remove /etc/workflow/instances
  4. create /etc/workflow/instances :: sling:Folder
  5. remove /var/eventing/jobs
  6. create /var/eventing/jobs :: sling::OrderedFolder
  7. change admin password to "admin" (for CRX.. probably for other things too)
  8. shutdown CQ
  9. cp crx-quickstart/server/serverctl ~/backup/  (back up other stuff too if you want to)
  10. rm -rf crx-quickstart/launchpad
  11. rm -rf crx-quickstart/server
  12. rm -rf crx-quickstart/logs
  13. mv ~/Downloads/cq-quickstart-5.4.0.jar /opt/cq/
  14. sudo su day (MAKE SURE you are the same user CQ runs as)
  15. java -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Xmx1024m,production -jar cq-quickstart-5.4.0.jar -v -p 4502
  16. <build-number> (launchpad is wiped out.. so need to redeploy stuff)
  17. enable replication agents
  18. test
  19. restart CQ using serverctl

CQ upgrade gotchas:

  1. admin password should be changed to "admin" or bad things happen.
  2. empting out /etc/workflow/instances saves time for upgrade.
  3. removing crx-quickstart/launchpad does you many good. otherwise, OSGi bundles don't get fully upgraded.
  4. make sure you restart CQ for upgrade as a proper user. Otherwise, crx-quickstart/repository  will be messed up.

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